Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello World!

We created YourBlackMoney as a channel to allow us to give financial advice to our growing YourBlackWorld audience. The site is only 7 months old, but we have already obtained our one-millionth visitor. We are respectful and extremely appreciative of our audience and the presence you have in our world.

YourBlackWorld was created with the same principles in mind that led to the creation of the YourBlackMoney Blog: Because we feel that black people need to OWN something. I’ve had the fortune of appearing on a lot of TV shows and networks: CNN, BET, CBS, ESPN, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, you name it. The appearances were enjoyable and it’s nice to be able to influence millions of people. But there is nothing more meaningful in the life of an African-American than to own something that truly belongs to us. Something that reflects our voice and our perspective (which the mainstream media does NOT). So, becoming financially independent via ownership is not just about money….it’s about FREEDOM. Our goal is to work together to find ways to purchase our freedom as a collective.

Why should you listen to anything I have to say? Well, I’ve been a Finance Professor for 14 years now, I’ve written more scholarly research papers than 95% of the Finance Profession and many of the “financial gurus” you see on television could have been students in my class. I find myself increasingly frustrated with their advice, as they sometimes say things that are flat out wrong. Also, I personally feel that African-Americans need a unique style of advice that is not always reflected in the mainstream media. We have unique issues to consider, so that is what I will focus on.

But my advice is not the only good advice out there. If you have something to say or know someone who would be a good guest blogger, I certainly invite anyone to participate. YourBlackWorld is sort of an “open social source” community, and we invite anyone with something to say to feel free to say it in our space.

With that said, let’s earn Your Black Money!